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“Competition makes us faster, collaboration makes us better!”
~ Clubs organized at DPGA embody the quote: “change your thoughts and you change your world.”

The harsh reality of school learning has become more academically centered recently. Children are made to focus more on their scholastic grades in many schools but are they the only indicators of their excellence? At Dr. Pillai Global Academy, we not just ensure the smooth functioning of their academics but also take an initiative to make the individuals better and independent citizens.

The primary objective of the club was to make students take the maximum learning and the benefits they can from it! We can already see a community of well-connected students , who are taking initiative in school events and developing their skill sets further. Moreover, the mere management, communication, and time management skills that are acquired are proof enough that the clubs will leave an indelible mark on them.

The clubs are as follows:

1. Community Outreach Club

The President of the Club is Riya Gairola. While the vice-president of the club is Ahana Palit.

The vision of this club is to believe in a greater cause and fulfilling a greater purpose to facilitate fully functioning and socially responsible communities. The mission of the club is to provide opportunities to help individuals build a sense of responsibility and sensitivity towards society, and further the understanding of individual leadership, systemic change, and social responsibility in the context of a local, national, and global multicultural society.

2. Creative Expression Club

The president of this club is Kreethika Guruprasad, the co-president is Abhyuday Sengar and the vice-president position belongs to Antony Dawson.

The vision of this club is to ignite the spark of creativity within. Whereas, the mission which the club beholds is to display the love that the members have for art through various activities aimed at showcasing hidden talent and promoting this movement throughout the DPGA campus. It allows all its members to showcase their talent and art. It enables the students to express their art and skills through various mediums. The club lets the students don the wings of imagination and fly away into a fanciful world!

3. Global Affairs Club

The co-presidents of the club are Aahna Vijay and Harshvardhan K.

The vision which is upheld by the club is to empower and inspire members of the club to assume their roles as informed and integral members of our global community and collectively uplift society through our transformative work. The club provides students with global knowledge, and the ability to understand global crises and collectively discuss how to resolve one. It helps people acquire knowledge about the issues and events that shape society.

4. Maths Chronicles Club

The President of the Club is Mihir Khandkar and the vice president position is handled by Tejash Das.

The Vision which is set for the club is to instill interest in students towards the subject of Mathematics through a unique way of acquainting them with its history. It helps them to know not only the unknown concepts but also about the researchers and discoveries and how they are applicable in today’s world. With the help of this club students who fear Mathematics would start to understand it, the people, the concepts, the discoveries that had gone into the making of the subject, and how it not only affects our academics but also how it makes our life better!

5. Power Up Club

This club is led by Dhruv Bhoir – the President and Vice President – Karthika.

The vision of the club is to take the best care of the school’s greatest asset: the Students. The mission which runs through the club is to improve the physical and emotional lives of the students. The club helps all its members to not only enhance their physical but also mental health, which in turn would improve their focus. Greater concentration and reduced stress and tension would act as an aid for the students with their academics. The increased flexibility and stamina would increase the immunity to fight diseases and overall guide the members towards a greater and better lifestyle!

To conclude, deciding to build up internal clubs in school is something that is going to be cherished. The students developed more confidence and skills which would not only help in their further studies but also make society and the world a better place to live in! To end, let’s reiterate a befitting quote by Bob Talbert, “Teaching Kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best.”

Author: Riya Toprani, Grade 10